WA's heart of gold

WA's heart of gold

Thanks to the thousands of people who supported our campaign to stop a royalty rate increase.

After a three year wait for the conclusions of the WA Government's minerals royalty review a decision has been made to make no change to royalty rates in the budget this year.

For more than a year the Gold Royalties Response Group has been speaking up on behalf of our members, our passionate workers and our supporters and we are delighted that the Barnett Government has listened.

The decision demonstrates the Government understands that the gold industry plays a critical role in keeping our economy and our community strong.

It is also clear the Government knows that our industry is doing it tough in a highly competitive global market.

This decision is a much needed boost for the industry and regional communities and will provide investors and companies with the certainty they need to make investment decisions.

Our industry already pays its fair share of more than $300 million in royalties and taxes to the State Government every year.

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About Heart Of Gold

Heart of Gold is a campaign by the Gold Royalties Response Group (GRRG) which celebrates the economic and social contribution the gold industry makes to our State.

Gold mining helps keep our economy and our communities strong. We believe the inspiring stories of the 20,000 people who work in the industry should be shared and publicly acknowledged.

Why is gold important?

Gold has been an important part of our economy for more than a century.

In 2012-13 the industry contributed $8 billion to the Western Australian economy.

Our miners produce 70% of Australia’s gold exports and help support tens of thousands of working people.

We pay more than $2.8 billion each year in wages to Western Australian families and more than $300 million to the State Government in taxes and royalties.

The gold industry keeps our economy and our communities strong.

Who works in the gold industry?

More people than you might think: 20,000 men and women are directly employed in gold mining. They are highly skilled and work in a range of challenging and interesting jobs. Many live in regional towns and play an important role in the social, sporting and recreational lives of their communities.

What is the Gold Royalties Response Group?

The GRRG is a group formed to represent the interests of Western Australian gold miners in relation to the State Government’s review of the minerals royalty system.

The GRRG is working closely with the Association of Mining and Exploration Companies (AMEC), and the Chamber of Minerals and Energy (CME) in responding to the royalty rate review.

To find out more, go to www.grrg.com.au

To contact us:

Email: goldrrg@gmail.com

Phone: 08 6314 6300